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current project: new article series for TFH magazine
I am in process of writing a six-article series, titled Hope Along the Rio Negro, that focuses on the life and fishes along the Rio Negro, deep in the heart of the Amazon rainforest.  The issues here are complex and many, so they are told one-by-one and then interwoven throughout the series.  The first article and photos will be in the March 2007 issue of TFH.
the Amazon assignment
January 2006: I spent over two weeks exploring in Brazil's Amazon rainforest!  I returned with over 3,000 photos and dozens of stories to share. This material is contributing to my current talks and my upcoming articles.
back from Australia!
Although the Coral Reef was just a few miles away, I hired a ride inland so that I could explore the Australian rainforest. Check out my photos and I'll tell you why I chose the rainforest over the reef.
June article: The Master at Work
TFH magazine recently published my photo documentary on the world's foremost aquascaper at work. Starting with a bare tank, Takashi Amano birthed an aquascape in two hours, describing the key steps along the way.