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The keeping of aquaria is a very visual hobby. So I invested dollars in camera equipment and hours-upon-hours in practice. All that investment has helped me to capture rare and beautiful moments that appear in my home aquaria and then share them with others.

Aquarium photography is very challenging, so I embraced digital photography in its early days. I bought my first camera in 1998. Digital allowed me to practice and practice, and a considerable amount of practice is needed to meet the challenges of shooting small moving animals through glass and water.

Years of practice later, and now on my fifth camera (Nikon's D100), I am producing the photos I want to illustrate my articles that get published. And, of course, a web site like this allows me to share some of my work -- by displaying some of it online and by offering it as product.

I have long been looking for good freshwater aquarium art. I have long been left empty. So now I produce my own, and I will be offering it here on this site. Please subscribe to my TwoWetHands e-newsletter to keep in touch. I will announce availability of products along with discussion of projects and aquarium-related musings.