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Randy has been writing on aquarium-related topics since the early 1990's. In 1993 his work was recognized from the Federation of Aquarium Societies with inter-national awards like "Artcle of the Year" and runner-up "Author of the Year."

In 1999 TFH magazine began running his column "The Art of Characins" which was devoted to tetras and their relatives. Although Randy discontinued that column, he now regularly contributes feature article to the magazine. (TFH is America's oldest and largest circulating aquarium magazine.)

Being an accomplished aquarium photographer, Randy frequently provides the photographic illustrations for his articles.

Below is a listing of several articles by Randy that have vbeen published in US or European magazines.

articles by Randy Carey

Pulling the Trigger
spawning the seldom-spawned fishes
TFH magazine, 2005 January and February   (two-parts)
The emphasis of this article is on finding what triggers a spawn in resistant species, and then pulling that trigger. In part one, after interviewing aquarists from the US and Europe, I tell their stories about how they successfully found the trigger and spawned various species. In part two I pull together all of this evidence and offer guidelines for finding the trigger and then describe rare and admirable qualities found in the aquarists who are successful where others are not.
Inspiration from the Pages
TFH magazine, 2002 September -- 50th anniversary issue
I was honored to be asked to contribute to this landmark 50th-anniversary issue. For years I have perused decades of back issues, reading master aquarists as they revealed their accomplishments and wisdom. In this piece I shared how even though I never met these masters, they truly have inspired me, showing me what can be done and encouraging me to raise the bar of my own expectations.
Splash Tetras without the Splash
TFH magazine, 2002 August
This has been my best spawning article to date. Witnessing several spawnings of two "splash tetra" spawnings, I captured with my camera not only the spawning moments, but also the hour-by-hour development of eggs transforming into fry. After highlighting the similarities and differences between the two closeley related species, I suggest that spawning observations of other "splash tetras" might reveal how all these species are inter-related.
Down on the Farm
(from The Art of Characins series)
TFH magazine, 2001
What is the story behind the common tetras and barbs that fill the tanks across America? I interviewed the head breeder of the scatterers at 5-D fish farm in Florida, and he gave me a hands-on tour of his operation. I learned how they raise them by the tens of thousands. And I learned why the commonly available species are the ones that are commonly available.
The Past Twenty Years
(TFH retitled it:Twenty Years of Characins)
(from The Art of Characins series)
TFH magazine, 2000 December
Current hobbyist understanding of the characin fish group has been relying on old and incomplete information. During the previous two decades, ichthyologists have discovered an awful lot of new information -- none of it accessible to the hobbyist. After researching the watershed articles and receiving guidance from the Smithonian's Dr. Weitzman, I presented an introduction to the characins -- arguably the first such modern introduction in common, aquarist language.

Note: The editor titled this "Twenty Years of Characins." I assume this was so the piece could stand more on its own as an article -- but my intent was that the title be understood within the context of the column: "The Art of Characins."

Digital Aquarium Photography
(Digitaalisten akvaariokuvien etsintä)
Akvaario Maailma (Finland), 2000 January/February
Post photos on the web and the whole world can see them. The Finnish Aquarium magazine asked for an article on the then-emerging technique of digital aquarium photography. No, I don't speak or write Finnish -- they provided the translation. By the way, to add emphasis to the story and to prove that digital was finally ready for print, they chose one of my submitted photos for the cover.
The Challenge of Breeding Tetras
(from The Art of Characins series)
TFH magazine, 1999 October
Perhaps most aquarists start with tetras in their first few tanks. But when it comes to breeding, most tetras are not beginner's fishes. I explain why they are challenging and walk throught the steps required to successfully spawn and rear them.
Behind the Name Weitzman
(from The Art of Characins series)
TFH magazine, 1999 August
I flew to Washington, D.C. to interview Stan Weitzman, curator of fishes at the Smithsonian Institution. Dr. Weitzman shared with me an afternoon at the Institution and an evening at his home and fishroom. the article that followed revealed the history, thoughts, and motivation of this leading ichthyologist who is also a life-long aquarist.
Tetra That Come in Threes
(from The Art of Characins series)
TFH magazine, 1999 May
Sometimes what the common eye recognizes under a common name is really multiple species. This piece examines four common-named tetra groups, each represented by three species: bleeding hearts, rummy-noses, emperors, and neons. After having researched original descriptions and studying photos, I outlined the history of each group -- setting straight the recognized scientific names and describing the visible markings that will allow an aquarist to distinguish between the very similarly-looking species.
Quest for a Lost Art
(from The Art of Characins series)
TFH magazine, 1999 January
My introductory article for The Art of Characin series. The piece introduced the series' thesis that the studying, the keeping, the breeding, and the aquisition of characins is an "art" -- a skill that is developed over time from hands-on practice.
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